NOJHL Pre-Season Preview, Blind River Beavers

NOJHL preseason preview: Blind River Beavers

SUDBURY, Ont. – Gearing up to make his Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League head coaching debut, freshly minted Blind River Beavers bench boss Kyle Brick is excited as he enters his first season with his new club following a successful stint as an assistant coach with the powerful Soo Thunderbirds organization.

The following is the first of 12 team preseason previews on NOJHL teams with insight from each of the league’s dozen head coaches.

The initial installment is with Brick and the Blind River Beavers.

Head Coach – Kyle Brick

NOJHL: Give us your thoughts on what you’ve seen or hope to see with already held on-ice sessions and what you expect to see in future skates.

KYLE BRICK: “We’re excited. The talent and compete level at both our camps was high. I definitely believe were headed in the right direction this year. We’re happy with the players we have signed and were looking forward to adding a few more pieces to the puzzle.”

NOJHL: Who is a player you expect big things from?

KB: “I am extremely happy for the opportunity to coach Steven Khull. The kid is an absolute spark plug and I think he is going to play a very important role with this team.”

NOJHL: Are there any newcomers you’ve signed that you’ve been impressed with?

KB: “Overall we’re happy with all our signings. There is a reason we signed them and it’s because we believe in their capabilities and wants to maximize their potential.”

NOJHL: Do you have any background information on these new players?

KB: “We have recruited from everywhere. We have players from the GOJHL and the CCHL as well as other leagues across the country and we believe we have a good mix.”

NOJHL: How has it been early on since you’ve joined the Beavers organization?

KB: “It’s been great. The Town of Blind River has been very supportive. We are really working on making the Beavers a main attraction in Blind River again and we’re on the right track.

NOJHL: What do you look to bring to the Beavers from your time with the highly successful Soo Thunderbirds program?

KB: “The Thunderbirds have a rich tradition of winning and first and foremost that’s what I want to bring to Blind River. Like every organization, there are good things and things you would like to improve. I want to bring the good and add some of my own beliefs and philosophies to the team in Blind River.”

NOJHL: What goals do you have heading into training camp, the preseason and the start of the regular season?

KB: “It sounds cliché but we’re going to take it one game at a time. Hopefully we’re able to string together some wins and get ourselves in a position to compete for the division.”

NOJHL: Do you any other thoughts you’d like to offer?

KB: “We as an organization just want to make it clear that this year isn’t the same as the prior years. Things are changing and we are all excited to be part of it.”