Billet Policy

Blind River Beavers Billet Policy

To ensure the success of the Blind River Junior A Beaver’s organization and as part of the Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League (NOJHL).  It is the sole responsibility of the organization to provide a safe and healthy environment for the players.  We are committed to ensure billeting is a progressive experience for both the player and the Billet family during the hockey season.

Billet family requirements should provide the following:

  • Each player is to have their own room
  • If possible, each room should have a desk or table for homework or computer space
  • Parking Spot if the player should have their own vehicle
  • Provide healthy and nutritious food
  • Understand the players practice and game schedule
  • To prepare at least one meal per day for the player (supper) and it is the players responsibility to prepare their own meals or snacks or the other meals throughout the day unless the Billet family wishes to do so.
  • To communicate to the player(s) any house rules that you wish to enforce.
  • Try to make them feel a part of the family.
  • Not mandatory – but internet service maybe required for the player especially if the player is taking online courses for their education.

The player will be responsible for the following while in the care of the Billet family:

  • To prepare their own breakfast and lunch with food provided.
  • Let the Billet family know of any allergy’s (food or personal)
  • To make sure their room is clean and tidy
  • To do their own laundry with the proper guidance on how to use the equipment
  • To assist with chores around the house if asked to do so
  • No girl friends or overnight stays allowed in your room remember it is not your house you are here to play hockey.
  • Serve as a positive role model for younger children in the Billet house and in the community.
  • To respect the Billet family rules at all times
  • Do not take your problems out on the Billet family
  • To foster and build open and safe communications and seek proper assistance from the Billet Captain and/or the General Manger/Head Coach for conflict resolution

To provide the following services the billet family will receive a Billet Fee of $ 600.00 per month which will be payable on the 1st of each month from the player (players family) to Billet family which will not be refundable in accordance with the NOJHL policies.  To ensure the Billet Family is paid in a timely manner the organization is asking for post-dated cheques with the amount written in and is to be given to the Billet family.   If the Billet family does not receive his/her cheque on the 1st of the month then the billet family should call the Billet captain/General Manager immediately.   During the month of March/April the Billet Captain along with the Coach will determine the fee to be paid and will be prorated in accordance to the Playoff schedule.  The Billet family will also receive one season’s pass per player (not to exceed 2 passes) for the current season.

It is important that the player and the Billet family maintain a mutual, respectful relationship.  The organization encourages and promotes open communication amongst the Billet family, the player, the coach and the player’s family.

If for whatever reason and with no questions asked the Billet family and/or the player have the right to be removed and relocated to another billet family under the direction of the coach and the billet captain.  This is done to prevent any hardship or conflict between both parties and ensure good relations remain between the billet family, player and the organization.

It will be the responsibility of the Billet captain and the General Manager that the Billet family and the player(s) are suited to the each other before placement.  It is the organizations goal to ensure the players are well matched with the Billet family home.  This will assist in a successful season and make a good experience for the player and the team for the duration of the hockey season.

At the end of August the drafted/committed players will be placed with their billet family with a general meeting held at specified date to be determined by the coach and General Manager.  The Billet captain and General Manager will go over the expectations and what will be required for both parties.   Player(s) and their families will be able to meet with their Billet family.  At this time the Players family may travel with their son to the Billet family home to see where they are staying.  This will also give the opportunity for the players family to meet with the billet family on a more personal level and see their surroundings.

Team guidelines for the Player while in the Billets family home should be as follows:

  • Be respectful to the family at all times;
  • Maintain open line of communication as the Billet family can not read your mind;
  • The players must follow and adhere to curfews being set by the coach and/or the billet family;
  • The coach and/or the Billet Captain will meet with the Billet family periodically to ensure there are no problems or issues;
  • It is the responsibility for the player to inform the Billet Family of their whereabouts at all times;
  • the Player needs to stay in their own billet home and sleep in their own bed and not at a friends house.
  • It is the responsibility of the player to follow the rules and expectations of the Billet family.
  • It is the understanding that the Billet fees are not just for food but also to assist in the additional cost of having a player reside in the house. (e.g., The additional hydro cost, increase in water cost, laundry cost, etc. etc.)
  • If the Player is of age to attend school, we have W.C. Eaket Secondary School and Ecole S. Jeunesse Nord Secondary School. (French High School)
  • Players are not permitted to leave town on social excursions without permission from the coach/GM of the organization and/or team.  Reasoning for this is that Blind River is situated between Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie and sometimes during their free time players like to attend these larger urban settings for social and recreational outings.

If the player should be arriving by bus or plane the organization/Team shall make proper arrangements to ensure the Player is delivered to the billet family.  The Billet Captain and/or coach will then call the players family to assure them that their son has arrived safely.

It is important for a successful season that these polices are adhered to.  If the Billet family, player or the players family should have any other concerns of issues please contact the Billet captain and/or the coach.

From this policy a condensed information brochure will be developed so that it can be sent to the players family and the Billet family so they know what is expected from the Billet family, the player’s family and the organization.

If for whatever reason the Board of Directors may amend this policy from time to time with direction from the Coach/GM as what would be for the best interest of the Player, Billet Family and the organization.