The board of directors would like to announce the unveiling of the new logo for The Blind River Beavers.

After a lot of discussion and modifications, the new logo features a more aggressive character feature representative of the new feeling of the team.

According to team president, Bob Haworth, “we’ve tasked our coaches and bench staff with coming up with a strong team this year. Our coach and director of hockey operations, Don Gagnon, knows that we’re demanding a lot more from him and his staff as well as from the players. If returning players think it’s going to be the status quo this year, they’re going to be in for a big surprise. With that in mind we felt that an assertive logo would be in line with what we’re trying to do.”

One of the major changes this year is the installment of a new trainer, James Albert. James will be leading all of the team off-ice conditioning. With his skills as a physical trainer, he has already shown potential team members just how demanding he can be when he led a dry-land component at the open try-out camp in May.

Other changes coming will be new uniforms featuring the updated logo and billeting the entire team in Blind River to help create a cohesive bond.

Adds Haworth, “Over the course of the next couple of months we’ll be updating the website as well as our stock of souvenir items. With the retirement of our old logo, our old jerseys and clothing items featuring the old logo will be sold off as collector’s items.”