We’re selling the jerseys right off their backs

This has been posted in the arena since September 2013.  Several jerseys are already sold, but many are still available.  Please email gnc@blindriverbeavers.com to check the status of your favourite player’s jersey.

We’re selling the jerseys right off their backs!

Next season, we will need to replace our existing jerseys.  In order to do this, we need money. 

An “ice ready jersey”, meaning it has all the crests, badges and numbers that are required by the NOHA, the NOJHL and the team, cost us approximately $125 each. 

That’s $250 per player!

 To offset that cost, we are going to sell this season’s jerseys – firstly to the players, if they want them, then to you, the fans. 

We promise to wash them before we hand them over, which will take place after the last game of the play-offs.

 After all, we wouldn’t want them out there without any clothes on, would we?

As of October 1st, we will be offering the jerseys to you for sale for $80 each.  Players have until then to come up with the money to buy their jersey.  You can place a hold on a jersey, but if someone comes up with the money for that same jersey, you will have until the next home game to come in and pay up.  Otherwise, first person to pay for it is the winner of that particular fight.

email gnc@blindriverbeavers.com – we can tell you which jerseys are left.